Saturday, January 25, 2014

Oslo Maker Faire

So I'll skip the introduction and cut to the chase. This past week we went to Maker Faire in Oslo. What is Maker Faire you ask? It's a fair where makers from all over the region get to come and bring what they do to show off and meet like minded people. Pretty cool.

There was everything from 3D printers

to vacuum formed Storm Trooper uniforms,
(And yes, Jango Fett made an appearance along with Darth Vader a snow trooper and a pilot.)

 and people making Steam punk and other types of costumes.

There was also a miniature Carnival that lit up and had music and rides that moved.

And a man making things out of bike parts

A Gecko Puzzle

And all of this was housed in the Oslo teknisk museum which contained among other things a full sized train, most of a passenger type jet and this unique little biplane that I'm guessing is one of the ones that can land on water.


So that was Maker Faire, it lasted two days, just enough time to go to all the speeches and talk to all the people who caught your interest.

If Maker Faire seems like something you want to see or participate in here's a link to their website. They also have a write up of the Oslo Maker Faire here.

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