Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Good bye Car

We rented this little four door Fiat while our friends were with us from Canada. I haven't done a lot of driving in Turkey and until the day they arrived I'd never driven in Istanbul (17 million people; 3 million registered cars). It's been ages since I've driven a standard on a daily basis. The rental company delivered the car to our door and we drove the driver to the ferry.  To return the car we drove it to the rental company's office in Canakkale and then took the ferry and the X-Trail home.

It was kind of tricky, with Cam and passengers in our X-Trail with the GPS and a cell phone giving instructions to my navigator (Thanks Johanna), while my front seat spotter (Thanks Chantal) kept an eye on the X-Trail and traffic hazards.  We had a couple of near misses with dogs and people on the road, but neither driver had any major problems. The Tom-Tom (GPS) randomly stopped working a couple of times. I'd updated it before we left, but it lost contact with the satellites and also wouldn't direct us to the right destination without some reboots.

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