Thursday, April 17, 2014

Laodecia (under construction)

Laodecia was not on the list of sites initially.  I just happened to find a reference to it's proximity to Pamukkale/Hieropolis.  Finding it was made all the more difficult by the lack of highway signage perhaps due to road construction in the area.  I was grateful when we got there.  In Alberta, our cities are built beside rivers, in Turkey, cities are built on hillsides and have amazing views. 

You should really check out Nicole's post about Laodicea. Her pictures are better than mine.

Lots of reconstruction in the area.  Manpower has been replaced by machine power.

The white stretch on the right is Pamukkale in the distance.

Some of the places being renovated are under cover.  A glimpse inside shows very beautiful mosaics, but the worker wouldn't let me take any photos.


Sam demonstrating just how large some of the stones that make up main street.

Sam, Johanna, Nicole, Quinne, Chantal, and Sarah

Once again I wish I knew some Greek!

Amphitheater in ruins.

Sarah on the road.

The tourists.

Clay pipe = Roman technology

Can you see the lizard?

There are crosses on this door post but you'll have to take my word for it.

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