Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sardis (Salhli) Temple of Artemis

 Sardis is a hidden gem, I think.  The ruin of the town (detailed in a previous blog post) is 5 minutes off  the highway.  It contains an impressive Roman bath and gymnasium, an interesting main street with Byzantine shops and a Jewish Synagogue.  For the 10 TL entrance fee you also get access to the Temple of Artemis a 5 minute drive up a nearby hill.  If you've see that wonder of the ancient world, Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, you might consider skipping this one.  Don't! It's worth the trip for its setting alone.  It is magnificent.  There are other sites to see if you hike the valley, but we were quite content to check out both sites and then head for Bergama. All the photos are of the Temple of Artemis.

You can see the corner of the Christian church built after the Temple cult died out.

Part of the ruin of a Christian church beside the Temple ruin.

Our three and two friends.

Cam and really big pillars.

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