Friday, April 18, 2014

Pergamum (Bergama)

Going up to the Pergamum Acropolis in the cable car.

Looking down on Bergama from Pergamumn.

For some reasons the signs were in difficult to reach places.  Cam used an audio guide.

Enormous theatre with an incredible view.

Staying out of the wind (brrr)

Johanna and Sam

Another view of the theatre.

Trying not to blow away.

Cam checking out the view.  The black spot is a problem with Cam's camera's lense.  I borrowed his camera after the battery in mine died. (Rechargeable batteries - shakes fist!)

The site of the Altar of Zeus.  According to this link there is actually a museum in Germany which houses the Altar of Zeus.  There are likely better videos on Youtube but I still don't have access to that.

Cable Cars

Money display at the Pergamum Museum

Mosaic of Medusa at the museum

Crypt at the museum

Turkish women's wear display at the museum.

Turkish men dancing - display at the museum.

Here's an enormous cooking pot on display at the museum.

Johanna and Nicole comparing photos and resting their feet.

Needle work on display at the museum.

And more needle work.

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