Friday, December 16, 2011

Breakfast II

IKal Kangal /Breakfast Salami 0.552 kg x 24,00 tl/kg = 13,25 tl = US$7.28

Nescafe Instant Coffee / Klassic Kahvesi 17,00 tl = US$9.34

Milk 1L / Sut 1,72 tl = US$0.95

Honey Pops Breakfast Cereal 4.50 tl = US$2.47

Cappy Fruit Juice 1L 1,99tl = US$1.09

Turkish breakfast usually consists of cucumbers, tomatos, olives, cheese, bread, Turkish coffee, or chai tea. We prefer a more North American style breakfast and of course Cam still cooks!

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