Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Tower of London

Not at all what I expected. The Tower is more like Heritage Park in Calgary than a historical fortress. That said it was pretty cool. We saw the Crown Jewels and the Fusileirs museum. But not much else because we came too late in the day. I would have liked it better if the road ways were not paved over and the walls were not whitewashed and there wasn't the projectors showing movies about the inhabitants. It's all very well and good that So and So did this that and the other thing and the Tower was important. But could you act like it is an old fortress not a museum? I mean I understand reinforcing walls that are going to fall down, I understand putting in railings as as long as you try to replicate the old style. But honestly I could go back to my hotel and see white washed walls I can go to another museum and see historical objects in glass containers. But what I can't see is a ruin that has been here for hundreds of years. And to see it unimproved would have been amazing.

None of this is to say that you shouldn't go see the Tower just don't expect a ruin because you get a museum.

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