Thursday, December 29, 2011

Home is where the heart is

I've been singing (quietly to myself) "It's a Small World After All" quite a lot in the last few weeks. So many things here remind me that home is not so far away.
However, since we got the news Christmas morning that Cam's mom was very ill and in the hospital, I have felt a tremendous chasm open up. The distance between us and her bedside, seemed more like the gulf that stretches between the earth and the moon; a distance too broad for us to cross. So we waited here, put on a brave face and did what seemed to come next. We opened presents Christmas morning and ate turkey Christmas afternoon and enjoyed some lively Turkish company Christmas evening.
I was grateful that Cam's brother and sister kept us informed of her condition as the days passed but frightened by what we were hearing. The longing to be home continued to increase. December 28th, we got the news in one devasting phone call that she had passed from this life into the next. It's was hard news to hear and my desire to be home went from mere longing to an obsession.
Cam asked his collegues in Canada to help us book the flights. As the day passed however I began to be aware of how difficult it might be to get 5 people on one flight. During this time of year; when travellers book months in advance to vacation and to be home for Christmas, we might have to travel in two groups or not go home at all.
This morning I woke to the knowledge that we have 5 seats on the same flight. We will be home in time to be at the service to celebrate Eileen's life. I am very grateful to the people who made the arrangements and the kindness we've experienced along the way.

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