Friday, December 30, 2011

Grocery Shopping

Today we went to Gelibolu for groceries. Cam headed to the bank. We're either exchanging US cash for Turkish Lira, using a Canadian bank card on a Canadian bank account to exchange Canadian dollars and withdraw Turkish Lira or using our credit cards.
While he was at the bank, the kids and I went to Salomon's, the local dry goods store. It's a good place to buy dishes, make up, school supplies, cooking appliances and other small things for the home. Today we bought a small rug for Sam's room, a slightly bigger rug for Johanna's room, light bulbs, more silverware (6 place settings never seemed to be enough), a powerbar (every room has only one or two plug ins) and slippers for when we have visitors. Turks take off their shoes like Canadians do. However the host is supposed to provide footware for inside the house. So far we've been dismal failures in this regard and Ali reprimands us EVERY time he comes.
When Cam came to pick us up he'd already been to the bakery to get bread. (7 fresh loaves for 5 TL) We went for lunch afterwards. We went to a seaside restaurant. We were the only patrons during the hour or so we were there. The food was excellent: salad course, plate of french fries, main course, dessert, pop and Turkish tea to drink for about C$15.00 per person.
Then we went back downtown to the green grocer for potatos, onions, peppers, cucumbers, oranges, apples, and strawberries. The next stop was the Kipa Hypermarket. We got two carts and filled one with different sizes of bottled water. Then we bought meat, milk, rice, mushrooms, garlic, banans, and cheese. We bought some chips, chocolate and candy. The most expensive item in the cart, besides the beef, was the cake mix I purchased.
We seem to be getting more efficient and I was better organized today. I actually made a menu plan before we left the house and I had a good list broken down by vendors (Kipa, green grocer, baker). Slowly, slowly I'm learning.
With our travel plans for next week we had to postpone the curtain installation. When I got home I sent an email using google translate. Hopefully, Baris will understand well enough to know that we are only postponing and not cancelling the order. The kids are anxious to have window coverings.

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