Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Enez-The Castle and Chapel

Yesterday (Febuary 20,2012) we went to Enez, which is about an hour away from our house. Getting there took a while because we took the scenic route :-)
Enez has a ruined castle, and an old chapel, hence the field trip. We saw the castle first. It was amazing!
This is the only part of the castle that has a roof on it.
Looking up!

The castle was amazing and sad. There was garbage everywhere and some graffiti, it's really too bad that they don't know what they have.

The castle was truly huge

Almost right underneath the flag is the entrance to the castle.

This is a photo of one of the staircases in the castle.
About a foot wide and nothing to hold on to as you climb up 20 feet!

After we were done looking around the castle we went to see the chapel......

Too bad the door was locked....LOL :-)

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