Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Food, Fashion and Fabric - Market Day at Gelibolu

Tuesdays and Saturdays are open air market days in Gelibolu. Farmers and merchants set up tables along the streets and sidewalks and sell their merchandise. Today we parked in our usual spot across the street from the ING Bank.  We crossed the road so I could use the ATM.  I hadn't used my card yet, so I wanted to make sure my card and pin worked.  Previously we'd been using HSBC's ATM to access our Canadian accounts, but now we have bank accounts in Turkey so we're using those. 

Johanna in her new cape coat.
She's still wearing the hat Grandma M made for her a few years ago. 
It makes her easy to spot at the market.

Sam wearing his new scarf tied in a European Loop -
like "Sherlock" wears his.

Johanna's new bag with the fabulous fringe.

A delicious variety

Nicole's fabric stash.  Curtains are purple.
The pink and white fabrics are for a project she's dreaming about.

The strawberries.
I thought they deserved a photo of their very own!
We walked about 2 blocks uphill to the first street of merchandise.  The first street consisted of olives and cheese.  Merchants set up their stalls in the same areas each week and vendors selling similar goods always have tables side by side. In December, one of the cheese merchants, "Thunder" spoke to us in English and was sure to fill us up with samples.  The kids enjoyed his "string" cheese.  It's quite salty but has a mild flavour and like the name implies comes in foot long strings. His stall was near the end of the block this morning, so we went to say hello and of course he fed them their favourites and then we bought a kilo or so to take home.  Cam went back later and bought a sharp cheddar and some olives from him as well.

Then we continued up hill through the fruit and vegi vendors.  We wanted to find the curtain man who had sold us the purple drapes for Nicole's windows.  He was right where we thought he would be and had panels the same size and colour as we'd purchased previously. Nicole has a large window and a street light so she needed more panels. We walked a few more blocks and visited the clothing, and fabric vendors. On the way back down the hill we bought vegis: broccoli, brussel sprouts!!!, garlic, cucumbers and 5k of potatos. We also bought some strawberries.  I saw them on the way up the hill and had to back track to buy them - they smelled so delicious.  We ate them all when we came home.  They were so good.

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