Saturday, February 11, 2012

Random Thoughts Of Me

If you ever wondered about how I've been spending my time here is what you've been waiting for.

My mornings are mostly school and waking up. Afternoons are trips to town and beach combing, something that has captured my heart. I love walking along the beach. The sea creatures I pick up probably think I should do it less often. At the moment I have a colection of about 25 rocks and shells.

Lately I have taken to making maps of my imaginary lands. making the paper look old is fun (Thank God my parents drink tea!) I bought some ink and paint brushes a few days ago so I can make them look a little more official. :-)

The other thing I've been doing is going on a site called Howrse (it's just a weird spelling of horse) When you log on for the first time it gives you a horse to take care of. The object of the game is to have a working breeding farm. You can breed your horses and compete with them. It's pretty cool, even though the horses don't move. I really like it. Sooooooo cooool :-)

Johanna found a quiz site on the web. Its really cool. In the Lord of the Rings quiz I was Pippen, and in the Star Wars quiz I was a mix of Han Solo, Luke and Leia.

Johanna says she can picture me as Han Solo or Leia, but why Luke? I don't get it. :-)

Oh and I did a Gone With The Wind quiz and found out I'm Scarlett, why am I not surpised? She is my favourite character! The thing with Gone With The Wind is it has a horrible ending but awesome characters. And I love the book and the movie and hate them at the same time. Only a little weird ;-)

Any way where was I?

Oh right, evenings are mostly playing on a computer/ipod or watching a movie. Sometimes a mix of the three.

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  1. Hi Nicole
    I love collecting rocks and shells as well - I would love to see a picture of your collection thus far.