Thursday, February 16, 2012

One bat is a coincidence

A week or so ago our evening was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a bat flapping around downstairs.  Round and round the livingroom it went while the girls and Cam moved to corral it or contain it.  I cowered in the kitchen.

I know I know.  I'm Miss "bats are cool" - "bats eat insects" - "bats are good".  My head said all of this while I stood with my back to the wall in the corner of the kitchen and prayed someone would "get it".

Cam finally ejected it from an upstairs window.  I didn't ask for details.  I just really really hoped it was dead and like the traittor's head on the castle wall, its tiny carcass would serve as warning to all bats everywhere that my hospitality did not extend to them.

So you can guess where all of this is leading, can't you?  Yes I was just sitting quietly up in Nicole's room when I heard a rattle among the shells on her window ledge.  I hoped it was a little bird.  It wasn't.  I hoped it was a result of having the doors open all day. (plumbers but that's another post) It wasn't.  How do I know this?  After it flapped around my head while I filmed it with Nicole's camera, it "disappeared" between the beams of her ceiling. Not good. Not good at all.


  1. Oh no Susan, I can empathize after having a bat and a mouse in our house at the same time.

    WOW Turkey is full of excitement isn't it!!

  2. I just loved hearing you say "not good, not good at all"
    that's the Susan I know and Love