Saturday, February 18, 2012


The long awaited plumbers came Thursday while Cam was at work.  They cut away the plaster on the outside wall of the house near the kitchen window and broke the bricks underneath.  Then they came into the house, broke the ceramic tiles and removed mortar material around the pipes behind the washing machine. This demolition exposed two dripping pipes.  We knew there was a problem because there was mold growing on the outside of the house.

The kitchen window was open from the time they arrived at 10 am to accommodate their power cord.  We also had to leave the door open because if it's closed it's locked. (A lesson Nicole and Sam learned the hard way one afternoon in December.) The house was freezing by the time they left at 5:30 p.m.

They repaired the pipes, filled the hole with mortar inside and out and replaced the tile.  They have to come back to apply a top coat on the exterior wall  and texture it. They will come one more time to paint the patch. The tile needs grout as well so the tile guy will have to come back too.

I pointed out the leaking pipes under the kitchen sink while they were here. We keep a bucket underneath to catch the water. They had a good look, undid the pipes, flooded the cupboard and the kitchen floor, shrugged their shoulders and said they would fix it another time if it could be repaired but maybe it can't be repaired . . .

They did a pretty good job cleaning up.  They wiped up the puddle in the kitchen and scooped all the demolition debris into a bucket, carried it to the seashore and dumped it.


  1. When the tide went out I plucked the water pipes out of the debris on the seaside and walked them to the garbage. Sadly the rest blends in with what is already there.