Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm back

SO! I'm back in Turkey...... I have to admit I was glad to get here. The whole seeing everyone before we left, checking all the boxes as mom says, got on my nerves. No issues with seeing everyone that was great fun :0) but rushing around trying to get everything done with Grandma's house, visiting, shopping, and........... ya 'nough said.

Not that Turkey's perfect either. My heater stopped working :( but now that is fixed. No social life here....... not that I care too horribly much. I am not by and large a social person. Dogs are everywhere and mostly they are the kind that you can envision attacking you without a qualm... Not so cool. They don't of course, but if provoked I can only imagine........

Anyhow there are some upsides. Firstly the fast wireless internet :). I really missed that in Canada. Then there's the beach, also good. Then there's the market, and the vegetables (don't flinch they're delicious). The people tend to be friendly and as helpful as possible with their 5 words of English :D. However the language barrier means I'm not able to be as independent with shopping as in Canada. Oh well that’s probably for the best......:)

That’s all I have to say on that topic so later :)

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