Sunday, October 7, 2012

A new language by lunch time

It's Sunday morning, a little after 8:30. We decided yesterday that we'd head for Greece today. The border at Ipsalla is a couple of hours away by car. Cam doesn't have any work commitments until Tuesday. Johanna has nearly all of her English 20 assignments completed so f we don't come home until tomorrow it shouldn't be a problem.

Only it occured to me last night, as I was drifting off, that if we really end up crossing the border into Greece today that our English, Turkish, highschool cereal box French and  Cam's 5 Russian phrases are going to do us very little good.

I found an online/printable English / Greek phrase book and together with a few minutes on Google Translate - I'm off to learn a little Greek pronounciation. Wish me luck...

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