Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thessaloniki in 4 paragraphs

     We left Friday (the 12th) and got back today (Sunday 14th).
Once we got to Thessaloniki, which took about four hours, we drove around in circles for almost three hours before we found a hotel with beds for us. We finished our supper at 11:20 then went to bed.
The next morning we got on the hotel's bus and went to the White Tower. Which was pretty cool; we walked from there to other places we wanted to see. When we got back to the White Tower there was a whole crowd of people around the shore.There was a navy type boat close-ish to shore. We hung around because we were curious about what was going on. It seemed that they were bringing a religious icon back (?) from somewhere.

    There was a parade too; the people wearing traditional Greek clothing paraded the longest. They walked in groups and stopped and danced. Unfortunately the parade route was on the street our bus was supposed to park on, we had to wait till 8:00 before the bus could get down there and pick us up.

The next morning we went to the science center; which was really cool. They had hands on science exhibits, old cars and ancient scientific instruments.  I think everybody liked it.

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