Friday, October 19, 2012

What happened today...

 ...not too much really.  I woke up too early - before sunrise. I watched youtube TV for a bit and then spent a while sorting out the problem I made with my knitting yesterday. I picked up around the house a bit, emptied the dishwasher, and gathered Sam's laundry from the line. I surprised everyone and made pancakes for breakfast.  Cam is our usual breakfast chef - when we eat together.  However, lately we all fend for ourselves. We watched the end of Ben10 while we had breakfast.  Having the TV on during meals is a rarity in our house.

After breakfast, Nicole cleared up (the kids take turns) and I started laundry.  Then she and I met in her room and discussed the novel she is reading (Christy).  We did some internet research related to the novel and she copied a few paragraphs from the novel that I dictated.  Then we discussed her last math exercise from Math in Everyday Life. She completed the exercise from yesterday, while I waited.  Then we discussed budgeting for a family versus a single person. We also discussed what she might need to earn and save in order to buy a used car in 3 years.

I checked with Johanna to see what she was working on. I don't remember - but usually Blender (computer animation), English 20 assignments or maps research.

I got Sam from his room and turned on the computer so he could do math facts drill (Math Rider). Just as the program was loading the power went out so we corrected his history quiz (Mystery of History I) from yesterday.  By the time we finished, the power was on so he was able to do the drill.

Afterwards, I worked on laundry.  We don't have a dryer but today there was quite a breeze so line drying the loads was very quick and effective.

Once Sam was off the computer I checked my email, cruised facebook, read the Three Hills Capital, and watched a video Johanna made. Then Nicole and I made lunch.  The fridge was practically bare so I made grilled cheese sandwiches while Nicole made fruit salad from one can of mixed fruit, a banana and a peach.

At lunch, Cam and I decided to go for groceries in the afternoon and to Silivre tomorrow to look at boats.  None of the kids were keen to go along this afternoon or tomorrow.  Nicole cleared up and I went to reboot the laundry.  Once the laundry was going around again, I used google translate to write down some boat shopping phrases.  Sam and I copied the grocery list from the wipeboard to a piece of paper.

Cam and I decided to go to Kesan for groceries instead of Gelibolu.  He wanted to go to the Technosa to buy headphones with a built in mic so he can Skype his boss and I thought we could stop at the Yamaha dealer in Kesan to look at their boats.  Johanna decided she would come with us because the Kesan Kipa has more interesting things to look at than the one in Gelibolu.

The road from Kavak to Kesan is still under construction, so we weaved in and around the pylons.  We stopped at the Yamaha dealer, but it turns out all they have for sale is 4.5m and larger used boats which we think are too big.  The other smaller boats they have are in storage.  While we drove to Technosa, I called our neighbour to ask where she bought her inflatable boat.  After Cam bought a headset we drove to the Kipa (supermarket). 

We got two carts and zoomed around. We always buy a little more at this Kipa because they have a wider selection of international products (HP sauce, Heinz Ketchup, SoySauce), things we can't buy in Gelibolu (large bags of cereal) and sometimes we find better prices too.  The downside of shopping at this Kipa is that it's sooo big compared to our usual grocery store that I find it distracting.  The other downside is that they rarely have fresh milk.  Today they had two 1 liter glass bottles - both expired by 6 days - bleh.  So once again we bought UHT milk in the box.  The kids don't care for it but there's no choice. Cam filled his cart with water.  We don't drink the water that comes out of the taps, although we use it for cooking.

Cam drove us home.  On the way the truck in front of us passed a wagon powered by an auger motor I think Cam said .... and then we did too.

This is the major highway which bisects the peninsula we live on. Right now this road is under construction so in many places it is a two lane undivided highway.  Eventually it will be a four lane mostly divided highway.
 Horse powered or alternatively powered vehicles (like this one) filled with farm products and families are a normal part of using this road.
There were at least five people on this one. Mom, Dad (driving), two older children and a babe in mom's arms.  The traffic is doing +-100K.

We came home and unloaded the groceries, unloading and putting away is an "all hands on deck job" so it goes quickly.  I went out to the line to continue with the laundry. Our neighbour came out to talk with me.  She found a 5" long "thousand legger" in her bed last night so she called her brother and he will pick her up and take her home to Istanbul on Sunday.  We knew she wasn't planning to stay for the winter, but I'm sad she's leaving so soon.  She showed me the bug in the alley (dead under a rock!).  I showed Cam and the kids.  It's pretty ugly.  We've had lots of centipedes (and other bugs!) in the house but nothing as big as this.

After we parted company, I went back to collecting laundry.  I took the basket up stairs and then sat at my computer for a few minutes. Cam and I skyped for a few moments so he could test his new headset. When I heard him finish his business skype call and put the steaks on the bbq, I went downstairs and chopped vegis  (radishes, carrots, red pepper, cucumber). Nicole baked potatos and set the table.

After supper I skyped my mom (yeah!). Johanna picked a movie for us to watch - Quest for Camelot and now Johanna and Sam are playing Chess on Johanna's computer - which is still connected to the TV - so Nicole and Cam can watch.  Before bed Cam and Sam and I usually read part of Two Towers (J.R.R. Tolkien) and a chapter in the Bible (Genesis right now) together.

It's bed time.  It's been a long day.

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