Saturday, October 6, 2012


It's been more than a month since we went to Greece and I have three half written blog posts about the two weekends we spent there. So I going to read, review and reinvent and post post post. But first of all:  Canakkale!

Canakkale is a city on the Asian side of the Marmara Sea.  It is a vibrant university town. The ferry from Eceabat arrives in the middle of a very busy area filled with apartments, restaurants, stores and pedestrians.  In the past we have skirted the vehicular mayhem by taking the ferry from Gelibolu to Lapseki.  However our plan on Saturday, October 6 was to meet our friend on the waterfront near the Trojan Horse.  (If the horse looks familiar it is the "the one" used in the movie, Troy.)

 Our friend has been living here more than a year.  We always appreciate her insights.  It was a wonderful for Cam and I to hang out with an adult, not associated with his work, and to speak English.  It felt like a holiday.

While in Canakkale, we walked the newly refurbished pedestrian area along the water.  We had cay on the waterfront and then walked to the other end to the Naval Museum.

There are many things displayed outside which you can visit and look at for free.  However in order to go inside the castle or visit the minesweeper you must pay a small admission.  For our family of five, I think it cost 20tl.  It would have been less if I'd read the sign and declared the children to be students. (oops)  Onboard the mine layer, Nusret, we saw a video presentation of the WWI battle in the strait. Although they had headphones for us with English audio, I had difficulty getting mine to work.  We were also able to walk round the ship in the company of some very attentive young sailors. We were amused to see the small room below decks hung with hammocks for the men to sleep in and the tiny kitchen. The museum inside the castle had some signs in English and some interesting displays.  There were lots of steep stairs in this museum and some low ceilings.  I think the girls were more fascinated by the interior of the castle than the displays.

Johanna and anchors for anti-sub nets

Sam walking towards the mine sweeper
Up periscope

The hull of a submarine

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