Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Broken Glass, Housework and How Sam Saved the Day.

Johanna broke a glass in front of the fridge tonight. She swept up the pieces.  When Cam got off the phone, I called her downstairs to vacuum the kitchen.

The kitchen isn't very big so it only took a couple of minutes. While she vacuumed, I filled the mop bucket with hot water intending to wash the kitchen floor. Then I pulled the fridge away from the wall so she could vacuum under it.  Pulling the fridge out of its spot, pulled its plug out of the wall, so I pulled it out far enough so we could get right behind it to vacuum and wash.  Afterwards, I stepped behind the fridge to plug it back in and discovered a problem.  When the fridge was close enough to the wall to plug in - there was no way for me to get out from behind it.

I stood there for a couple of moments, trapped behind the fridge and contemplated my next move.  Knowing how much Cam enjoys a good laugh, I called him away from his desk in the living room.  From behind the fridge I explained the problem and also the solution.  As I saw it we could either plug it in from over top (maybe) or call Sam.

Turned out Sam was just the right size!  He was tall enough to reach the plug and narrow enough to squeeze through the gap! Once the men had the fridge plugged in and pushed back into the hole, I mopped the kitchen.

As a side note - Nicole took the pictures from outside the house, through the open kitchen window.

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  1. Yeah Sam! Now you are not allowed to grow any more...