Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Search for Charcoal ...

I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that every house has a permanent exterior cooking contraption like ours. Cam has used ours many times to grill hamburgers and chicken. We've been buying charcoal for the grill in 1 kg bags from our usual grocery store (Kipa).  Bags are TL 10 each.

Today after backgammon and language lessons with Ali, we went to Gelibolu in search of more charcoal for the grill. Cam hoped that Ali, and his superior language skills, could help us find a larger bag at a more reasonable price. We made seven stops.  The good news is that there are stores that sell charcoal at a more reasonable cost than the Kipa but still only a kilo at a time.  This of course shouldn't have come as a surprise when many people walk to and from the grocery store on a daily basis. According to Ali we should be able to buy larger amounts perhaps at a different time of year or in a larger town.

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  1. BBQing here is a unique experience as there is always an audience of mostly stray pets hoping you'll be clumsy and heave any dropped food over the fence.

    Kinda peaceful until they start to fight over their respective places in line....