Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Cam has ordered mussels a couple of times in the local restaurants.  They usually come stuffed with rice.  He enjoyed the mussels, but not the rice, so for a few weeks he tried to get some information about where to buy them. 

There is a small fish market in Gelibolu across the street from the harbour and vendors also wheel carts of small fish and shrimp through the center of town. However, the only time there were mussels at the fish market, they were cooked.  Cam wanted to cook them himself.

We met Orhan and Omer for chai one afternoon in late March.  They agreed to take Cam to the fish market. (Nicole and I went in the opposite direction to the wool shop.)  Although the vendors didn't have any mussels for sale, Cam's Turkish speaking companions were able to order 40 mussels. (He really wanted 20 but ...) The vendor took the order, but no money and said they wouldn't be available for pick up until 10 a.m. the next day.  Someone would go harvest them in the meantime.  No problem, I can pick them up, Cam said. We met at the car and were home a few minutes later.

At supper time our door bell rang.  There was Orhan with the bag of mussels in hand.  They called us, he explained. They were ready for pick up. So rather than calling Cam, he made a special trip back to Gelibolu, picked up and paid for the mussels and delivered them to our home. No charge for delivery and no charge for the mussels. 

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