Saturday, March 10, 2012

Welcoming Committee?

Yesterday Johanna noticed the Jandarma (rural police) drive through our neighbourhood.  This is the first time any of us have seen police in the community. Today, the Jandarma stopped at the seismic camp and checked the identification of the seismic crew and camp workers. Cam had a brief conversation with one of the officers who was concerned because everytime he drives by our house, the lights are on! 

Tonight we went into Gelibolu and had a late supper at Ilhan Restaurant.  Afterwards we followed a  vehicle with its red and blue lights flashing down the highway.  Sure enough the truck turned into our community and eventually followed us home.  It appeared as though they were simply going to turn their vehicle around at our dead end lane so I ushered the kids inside leaving Cam to park the car in its spot. However, the Jandarma parked and two of the officers got out. I think there were three in the vehicle. The sergeant greeted Cam in English and shook his hand. His partner, with the machine gun, stood by their vehicle.  I stepped back outside and Cam introduced me. The sergeant asked if we had any problems.  When we said no (yok), he carefully told us "for problems call 156"; the emergency number for police response.

For the record, I'd have preferred the Welcome Wagon or a fruit basket.

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