Monday, March 12, 2012

Kestane from Bursa

Typical Turkish Coal Stove
Turning with tongs instead of fingers.

Camp boss and kitchen staff member

They look good and we're hungry, but they're too hot to touch!

The kids and I went to the seismic camp Saturday to meet Cam for supper.  While he finished up, we sat in the office with him and two Turks, the camp boss (in charge of procurement) and a draftsman.  The camp boss ordered tea which one of the kitchen helpers brought.  With the help of two kitchen helpers, he got the fire going in the coal stove. Then he asked one of the young men to bring kestane (chestnuts) which he roasted on top of the coal stove.  By the time they were done they were too hot to hold and burnt black on the outside.  They were warm and soft on the inside and tasted slightly sweet with the texture of potatoes.

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  1. (This is Sarah) Now you made me want to try chestnuts. They sound tasty and interesting! :)