Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Hood

The lane beside our house. Our yard borders the rocky beach on Saros Bay.  Our house is on the right side. Yes it appears the neighbours have a boat.

Looking the opposite direction.  Now our house is on the left.  This road goes from the sea to the four lane divided highway.
No pavement in the neighbourhood.  No sidewalks.

Our house is the first one with the satellite dishes.  Our house is at the corner of the highway to sea lane and dead end lane.

Deadend lane.  Our house is on the left. At the end of this lane is the back of  "Bates Motel".
(This place needs a post of it's own but none of us have had the courage to walk right up for a good look. 
We think the man with the shot gun lives at the motel.)
Our neighbour's house across deadend lane. Yes it looks like they have a boat too. Hmm.

This is a well.  It has a tap to turn the water on and off so the water is piped to this location.  If the water was free flowing the well would be spring fed.  Wells are used by people and by their livestock. The shepherd brings his sheep to water at this well and nibble the grass on sea to highway lane.  We've never seen the cowherd this close to our house however.

The house where "hole in the roof gang" lives.  They took the roof off about three weeks ago fixed part of it and have left the rest ... This is also where the dog Jingle Bells lives.  He is a massive pony sized dog with bells on his collar and a VERY loud bark. They have a fenced yard, but he runs loose.

The big house.  On google earth you can see their really big pool.  It wasn't drained last fall so now it's filled with scummy green water.

Empty lot and the more modest house across the sea to highway lane from the big house.

The house next door to the big house. No longer inhabited. It has rebar sticking up on the roof so at one point they planned to add a second storey.

The bridge.  A small stream runs toward the ocean.  It goes between the last houses on dead end lane and the Bates Motel.  It also seems to mark the boundary between our holiday village and the next one.

The garbage bins in front of the other well.  We were told they are emptied every second day.  They are actually emptied on some schedule unknown to us - more like once per month.  Being a family of five, in a part of the world where bottled water is a necessity and recycling facilities do not exist; we end up taking our garbage quite a distance when these get full.

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