Monday, March 26, 2012

A side trip to Pardise on the way to Troy

Monday we were on the outskirts of Cannakale heading for Troy.  Cam was driving our car.  We were following our guide, Ali, and his wife who were in their own car.

Suddenly, Ali moved to the middle lane and sped up to pass a large truck.  We followed. Once he was past the truck, he pulled in front of it.  Once again we followed. Before we were properly all the way into the right lane, Ali braked hard and pulled over to the narrow shoulder and stopped.  We followed. This required hard braking and nimble driving on Cam's part as well as on the trucker's behind us.

Now Cam will tell you that there was plenty of room for us in front of that truck and that we were never in any danger.  He's put on a lot of accident free kilometers on a couple of vehicles so he's very likely right. However, this is all about perception, my perception, as I watched the truck behind us in the side view mirror. And for a few panic stricken moments I was pretty sure I was going to die.

Once we were stopped, Ali jumped out of his car and told us to back down the highway to the last exit. I was pretty shaken up. What was so important that he thought it necessary to nearly kill us stopping to see?

Hill tomb of Prince Dardanos 
Why it's a TOMB!  How appropriate! Actually it is the hill tomb of the Prince who gave his name to the Dardenelle Strait.

OK so it was very cool.  We went right inside for a look. Everyone with the exception of Sam had to bend a bit to get inside.  There is a short step down and a small room and then a few steps further there is a larger room (maybe 4 m across) with a vaulted ceiling. The actual tomb is farther under the hill and the access is blocked (rightly so).  

However, my concern about the safety of our lane change and sudden stop seemed a little more justified when I saw the little blue sign at the highway exit to this historical site.

Yup   "Paradise Caravan Camping".

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