Friday, March 2, 2012

My Project

If you remember I bought fabric at the market a few days back.
This is my finished project. I'm very happy with it!

I would be interested in your thoughts...Please feel free to comment :)


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  2. The color reminds me of your Mother's wedding dress....

  3. Nicole - in case you're wondering I was signed into your account when I commented so I thought I'd delete it and try again. Turns out it leaves a mark. Arg! Anyway, I love this dress. You did a nice job. It was cool to watch this through all the stages.

    1. Good to know. I did wonder when I made a comment on my post....

  4. I have to say it was interesting being your 'skull'(BBC .Sherlock .reference for those who are wondering).........Nicole would just come randomly into my room and explain what she was doing, tell me the problem, and ask me questions to which I usually replied "I don't know." Anyway it turned out beautifully. GOOD JOB!